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KefaTherm - Condensation protection coating

Physics-based condensation protection - peerless, simple and effective 

There is a reliable way to avoid condensation on problematic thermal bridges. KefaTherm is a condensation protection coating that ensures permanently drip-free and drier surfaces.

Condensation causes damage
Condensation causes damage

Water from the air – important facts about the causes and consequences of condensation

Condensation is a normal physical process that cannot be avoided. Air always contains a certain amount of moisture, also called relative humidity – in our region, it is approx. 50 to 100% depending on temperature, where warmer air can store more moisture. Condensation results when warm, moisture-laden air comes into contact with cooler surfaces.

Cold air can only hold less moisture, and the excess water falls out as condensation.

However, this also means that the specific temperature of different materials inside buildings invariably causes condensation, depending on the particular ventilation conditions and water content of the ambient air.  

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KefaTherm shuts down dripping water at the source

The principle for KefaTherm condensation protection coating is ingeniously simple: to keep condensation from doing damage, it needs to be vaporised as quickly as possible. When the surface tension is removed from collecting water, it is more easily vaporised. Surfaces remain reliable free of dripping water and stay dry.

With and without KefaTherm
With and without KefaTherm
KefaTherm industrial hall
KefaTherm industrial hall

An end to dripping – the working principle of KefaTherm

KefaTherm reliably prevents drop formation and damage due to condensation. It does so strictly based on physics and continuously ensures drier surfaces.  Sensitive goods, inventory and building structures are effectively and enduringly protected against weathering, rust, and mould.

Advantages of KefaTherm at a glance:

•    versatile condensation protection coating

•    almost no electrostatic discharging

•    dry surfaces

•    elastic

•    passive corrosion protection

•    thermal insulation

•    controls moisture 

•    stops dripping condensation

•    ready for use

•    tintable

 •    environmentally compatible

•    straight-forward application

•    no roof slope required

•    building structure is reliably protected 



Ideal protection against dripping water and consequential damage 


Container sizes: 5 kg and 20 kg bucket, 1000 kg Fluidbag

KefaTherm - simply ingenious, because physics never fails