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KefaTherm Exterieur - Ideal facade protection against algae and moss

KefaTherm Exterieur is a facade coating that provides ideal protection against algae and moss gross, dirt, and weathering.

KefaTherm Exterieur facade
KefaTherm Exterieur facade

Important facts about what causes moss and algae

Many conventional facade coatings seal the surface and as a result prevent the building structure from breathing. This causes condensation on walls, moss and algae growth, moisture absorption, thermal stresses, weathering, and frost cracking. 'Over-insulated' walls also dry poorly because they essentially block out the sun's energy, while also drawing moisture into the masonry from the interior (dewpoint), dramatically increasing heating costs. KefaTherm Exterieur provides a unique solution as reliable protection against algae, moss, and condensation water damage, while doing so without hazardous chemicals. And it accomplishes this in an ingeniously simple manner: KefaTherm Exterieur takes advantage of physics, and ensures a healthy 'skin' that allows buildings to breath.

Enduring, reliable, and without environmentally hazardous substances

Prophylactic treatment of symptoms cannot be the solution, especially since the chemical substances - algaecides and fungicides - need to be water-soluble. They are incrementally washed away from the facade and travel via the soil into the drinking water . They therefore pollute the environment and present health risks - while the supposedly protective coating looses its effect and the wall soon turns green again.

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Made with KefaTherm Exterieur
Made with KefaTherm Exterieur

Breathing deeply – the working principles of KefaTherm Exterieur

The secret in the KefaTherm Exterieur facade coating are small 'holes', e.g. microscopically small pores in the material. The unique structure increases the total surface coating more than 20,000-fold. This breaks the water down into tiny fractions, preventing it from forming droplets or collection points. Moisture quickly and easily evaporates, allowing the facade to dry completely.

KefaTherm Exterieur is healthy skin for facades

The KefaTherm Exterieur principle is ingeniously simple. Water always travels from large to small pores. KefaTherm Exterieur takes advantage of this capillary effect  to draw moisture from plaster and masonry, but conversely allows heat (such as the sun's radiation) to enter. Facades dry completely without water residue in the wall. This results in dry walls any time of the year and greatly reduces heating costs compared to moist walls. KefaTherm therefore addresses the root cause of the problem. It takes advantage of physics for continuously dry surfaces and completely avoids chemical additives with limited efficacy and questionable environmental compatibility.

KefaTherm Exterieur  Surface moisture measurement
KefaTherm Exterieur
Surface moisture measurement

The advantages of KefaTherm Exterieur:

•    protection against algae and moss growth

•    protection against condensation and weather damage

•    controls moisture

•    weather-resistant 'permanent make-up'

•    improves energy efficiency

•    protects the building structure

•    almost no thermal stresses

•    almost no electrostatic discharging

•    no paint chipping and cracks

•    no frost chipping

•    reduces dirt

•    self-cleaning surface

•    straight-forward application

•    tintable

•    ready for use

•    environmentally compatible 


Makes exterior walls simply noticeably warmer

Container sizes: 5 kg and 20 kg bucket, 1000 kg Fluidbag

KefaTherm Exterieur - simply ingenious, because physics never fails